{phrase:destaques} Palletizing

Specialist in the development of different types of palletizing systems.

Solutions capable of managing and processing a large number of SKUs simultaneously.

One of the largest integrators of industrial robots in the Americas.

Hundreds of projects executed with leading brands in industrial robotics.



Gantry palletizer

For low volume lines.

Robotic palletizing system

Versatility with high efficiency.

Buffer layered palletizer

For wide variety of SKUs.

Machinery and equipment for industries that cannot stop.

An industry that stands still, gets left behind by the completion. Automating your palletizing processes with Torfresma is the best solution for lacking ergonomics, labor, and frequent setbacks. Our palletizing projects are customizable and guarantee continuous and reliable industry processes. With Torfresma, there’s no mistake.

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